Pioneering the Future of EU Manufacturing | ACCURATE Activities

Pioneering the Future of EU Manufacturing | ACCURATE Activities

Witness the revolution in European manufacturing with ACCURATE’s activities. From cutting-edge tech to resilient frameworks, we’re shaping and predicting tomorrow.

What We Do

This is where innovation meets resilience and sustainability. With the following activities, ACCURATE contributes to shaping and predicting the future of EU manufacturing and value chains to increase Europe’s competitiveness by enabling the concept of Manufacturing as a Service.

Project Management

We ensure the timely delivery of our project deliverables, actions, and activities within budgetary limits, with the consensus of our partners and the EC.

Products and Processes Ontology-Based Matchmaking

We create a distributed and federated ontology-based semantic framework for the ACCURATE ecosystem. We introduce a novel service to match product attributes and requirements with available process alternatives. This facilitates the identification of feasible production and logistics configurations, unveiling untapped possibilities within our ecosystem. Our approach ensures semantic interoperability and aims to deliver a DT registry as a single source of information.

Digital Twins Supporting MaaS Production Adaptation

We develop knowledge and tools to support the adaptation and reconfiguration of production processes within MAAS nodes. We create digital twin modelling frameworks and decision support systems, enabling simulation-based performance prediction, robust optimisation, and responsive control of production processes. These results empower MAAS nodes to evaluate and adapt their design and production planning, consider disruptive events, and update their understanding of product and production capabilities throughout the MAAS value chain.

Supply Chain Resilience Design and Stress-Testing

We provide a decision support system to help firms design robust and resilient supply chains. We utilise tools, including discrete event simulation, scenario-based stochastic programming, and robust optimisation, to stress-test and manage supply chains under disruption and uncertainties. Adapting these tools to the MAAS framework allows dynamic decisions on procurement, production, and distribution paths based on received customer orders.

Data Space Design and Implementation

We focus on designing and implementing a decentralised data space to facilitate secure and efficient data sharing among project participants. We integrate advanced technologies like distributed ledger technologies, smart contracts, self-sovereign identities, and Compute-to-Data. Ensuring data sovereignty, privacy, and compliance with regulations while considering the innovative requirements of new services, models, and digital twins is our priority.

Decision Support and MAAS Framework Development

We create ACCURATE framework architecture and technical requirements based on end-users requirements and project developments. Our objectives include crafting architecture and technical specifications, ensuring secure data exchange, integrating components into a coherent framework, and testing the framework from a technical standpoint.

Pilot Campaign

We define a common scenario for use-case assessment and deployment, establish a detailed evaluation approach with key performance indicators (KPIs), and conduct assessments to gauge the impact of our research activities on production efficiency, user sustainability, performance stability, resilience, and viability in unforeseen events. The evaluation covers technological, usability, and techno-economic perspectives to ensure both technical success and user satisfaction.

Market Uptake & Business Impact, Dissemination and Awareness

We maximise our project's impact and visibility by spreading public information on our goals, achievements, and results. We target relevant stakeholders, including the health industry, scientific community, policy-makers, and the general public. Ensuring optimal technology management, value chain gap analysis, effective innovation management, and maximising the exploitation of our results, including access to the market and finance, are integral to our strategy.

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