Revolutionizing Manufacturing as a Service

Discover ACCURATE project and learn how it transforms European manufacturing with resilient, sustainable Manufacturing as a Service (MAAS) solutions.

Empowering the Future of Manufacturing as a Service (MAAS)

ACCURATE is a Horizon Europe project dedicated to reshaping the European manufacturing landscape. We seek to boost the competitiveness of manufacturing companies and value chains by elevating sustainability, performance stability, and resilience. In a terrain marked by unforeseen events, the project emerges as an innovative force, providing solutions to navigate enduring disruptions like pandemics and global conflicts, as well as immediate challenges such as earthquakes, floods, and geopolitical transportation issues.

Our Vision: Transforming Manufacturing into a Service (MAAS)

ACCURATE envisions resilient Manufacturing as a Service (MAAS) value chains designed to withstand both prolonged and immediate disruptions. Our goal is to redefine the industry, ensuring that MAAS not only achieves technical viability but also establishes economic sustainability, profitability, and environmental friendliness.

Our Mission

We’re dedicated to delivering a federated MAAS framework, data space, and ecosystem. Fueled by intricate multi-level digital twin models of MAAS value chains, our mission is to forge a collaborative Decision-Support System. This empowers robust planning, resilient operation, and swift recovery for value networks and industrial systems.

Our objectives

Understanding Unforeseen Events

Gain insights into the impact of unforeseen events on manufacturing and industrial production.

Adaptation to External Conditions

Ensure swift adaptation of logistics and production to varying external conditions.

Resilience through Smart Manufacturing Networks

Improve resilience by implementing smart manufacturing networks.

Circularity and Sustainability Performance

Enhance the circularity and sustainability performance of manufacturing networks.

MAAS Viability

Make Manufacturing as a Service technically and economically viable.

Pathways to Impact

Set credible pathways to impact, instigating deep innovation and accelerating adoption.

Driving Impact through Innovation

ACCURATE’s influence spans science, industry, and society. Validating innovative results through key use cases paves the way for a transformative future. Anticipated adoption by large and small companies, technology providers, and the scientific community promises a multidimensional impact:

Advancing Science

ACCURATE introduces pioneering approaches in supply chain and value chain digital twins, human-centred decision support systems, and federated Manufacturing as a Service (MAAS) technologies, pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

and Resilient Industry

Enhancing competitiveness ensures operational stability and a workforce-centric industrial landscape.

Economic Transformation

Large and small companies and technology providers benefit, making ACCURATE a catalyst for innovation, efficiency, and adaptability, driving economic growth.

The project catalyses positive change, steering Europe towards a resilient, sustainable, and technologically advanced future.

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